Evaluating Web Design

The ACLS online certification page could improve it’s design by de-cluttering the images. I am a very visual person so this page was very good for me, but it seemed as though there were too many faded images in the background and it didn’t appeal to me. It looked a little cluttered like someone was trying to fill up empty space, which might have been true. But I feel just a soft colored background would have been better than seeing a bunch of faded people. 

Evaluating Illustrator

I liked the design of the evolution of CPR  infographic because it was eye grabbing and the creativity was well done. I liked how the dotted lines worked it’s way down into the evolution of CPR and it was easy to follow along. I am a visual person so it really helped to have the plethora of images to help me connect and understand what was going on. 

You and Web Design

The medical coding and billing online program page could improve its design by inserting more images or changing the background. I realize that this is a professional site, and that it is important to have a professional look, but I feel that it needs to have more color or a new background to make the site look more appealing. This just doesn’t catch my attention and I am not very intrigued at all by it.